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Hello friends, today I am going to talk to you about a very influential cartoonist. Vijay Narain Seth, popularly known as Vins.

Vins graduated from the J. J. School of Fine Arts, Mumbai, in 1968. While still a student, he went across to the Times of India from J.J. school of art all most next door to meet & watch cartoonist Mario Miranda at work, since he considered him a mentor. He also started freelancing as a cartoonist for Caravan and Himmat magazines while he was still a student.

He was a political cartoonist for the news magazine Himmat weekly from 1965 to 1981, contributing a pocket cartoon Chalta Hai once a week and from 1969 added two other cartoons with national and international comment. Later he started to freelance, doing cartoons on other themes such as science, computers, business, and social issues.

He was the first Indian contributing cartoonist for the Indian Edition of Reader’s Digest in 1976 when Rahul Singh was its chief editor. Subsequently, he was a freelance cartoonist for the business magazines Business India and Business World and the Indian Express group’s business publications. He also contributed to publications such as Science Today <Times of India>publication (1971~1984) and the Swiss satirical weekly NEBELSPALTER.

From 1978 to 1982, he was requested to contribute cartoons to a fortnightly ‘treffpunket’, published from Zurich Switzerland (1978-1987). His work has appeared in The Penguin Book of Indian cartoons (1988). His cartoons have been exhibited in Hungary, Belgium, France, Portugal, Israel, Korea and Japan (1998). 21 of his satirical cartoons are now part of the online cartoon museum of Aydin Dogan Wakfi in Istanbul, Turkey.

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