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Hello friends! I always love reading about my favorite superhero BlasterGirl! Reading about her origin, adventures and stories is so much fun! Whenever I have a problem, I think “What would BlasterGirl do?” I am so inspired by her that I even drew some of my own comics! Enough about me and BlasterGirl – today I am going to tell you about one of the most influential writers in the ‘Indian Superheroes’ category – Mr. Anupam Sinha!

Mr. Sinha has been one of the earliest writers for ‘Raj Comics’ – the leading superhero comics’ house in India. He published his debut creation for Raj comics – “Super Commando Dhruva” in 1987. It gained massive popularity in the majority Hindi-speaking audience, across all demographics.

Super Commando Dhruva does not have any superpowers. He uses his intellect, quick thinking and determination to solve problems, and this makes him a worthy role model for kids to look up to. Also, he respects his elders and avoids resorting to violence as much as possible. He is probably the only Indian superhero who doesn’t have an alter ego or mask. He doesn’t hide his identity in public. Super Commando Dhruva has a strict set of moral codes, and abides by them at any and all costs.

Anupam sir took extreme care while crafting and developing the character of Dhruva, so that it would appeal to every demographic of Indian society. The intellect, strong will power and looks make Dhruva a hit with the kids, both male and female. Plus, the minimal violence and science-tech based theme garnered the approval of adults. Dhruva’s morals like no killing, no harming women and children were considered worthy lessons to be taught to kids at a young age, through a medium they loved. Dhruva never punishes criminals, he catches them and holds them captive until the police come and arrest them. Therefore, he is considered the morally ideal superhero.

Anupam wrote hundreds of comics, both general and special, including Dhruva and various superheroes from the Raj Comics Universe, like NagRaj, Doga, Parmanu etc. He announced that he would be taking an indefinite break from writing for Dhruva, after nearly 23 years.

Anupam Sinha sir is truly an inspiration to any and every aspiring comic book writer around the world.

I might not have superpowers, but I am certainly your friendly-neighborhood superhero Tibu! To know more about me, follow me on Instagram!

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