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We’ve all had a fair share of reading done as children. Be it books, comics, novels, we all have our own choices. But there is one comic that seems to be a common character in our childhood, Champak.  A children’s magazine that targeted kids from all walks of life, Champak came to be the leading comic book and children’s magazine of all times. Not only did the comic add colours to our lives, but it also aimed at teaching the kids values and morals through their creative storylines and plots. Here’s why Champak is an evergreen series of comics:

  1. Still relatable:

The stories from the comics are written and drawn so well that they can still be counted as relatable in today’s world. The colourful kids’ magazine still seems to capture young minds with their stories. Although the number of readers of printed magazines has gone down because of digitisation, Champak still seems to be popular among children in the tier-2 cities. The main reason for this is the easy availability and the fact that Champak is available in a lot of regional languages. This has helped the comic sustain in the market for kids for 49 years!

  1. Uprooting superstitions:

A lot of people who haven’t read Champak enough believe that the comic is all about the Indian mythology. However, with the change in times, the content of the comic has undergone a huge change. Their motto of uprooting superstitions remains intact while they introduced new and better characters that speak and gel well with the kids. This is also why Champak remains evergreen, you still get to read it and re-live your childhood!

When it comes to Indian comics, there is one thing that has always been missing from the stories—female characters. But Tibu is here to change that! An eight-year-old with a fascinating set of skills—imagination, sarcasm and love for art, Tibu is the child that you have kept hidden! Follow @tibucomics on Instagram to be a part of Tibu’s family!

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