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Well, as children we always wanted to get inside the comic book and just hang out with our favourite characters. As a child, I always thought Suppandi would make for a really great friend if I ever invented the machine to take me inside the story. But I guess, I was a lot like Tibu. Oh, have you met her yet? Go, follow @tibucomics to know how Tibu and I are alike. Coming back to living in comics, if I tell you that it is something that is possible today, will you believe me? All you need to do is attend Comic Con India! Here is everything you need to know about Comic-Con India:

  1. What is Comic Con India?

Comic-Con India or CCI, as they call it is a series of conventions based on Indian comics held as a part of the main Comic-Con event. The people dress up as different comic book characters and cosplay has become an important part of this event. Comic-Con India has become a major attraction in Comic Cons around India. The event was inaugurated in the year 2011 and it has come to be one of the most important events in the field of Indian comics.

  1. Where is it held?

The first edition of the Comic Con India was held in New Delhi and later on, a lot of major cities starting organizing this event too. Some of these major cities include Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The cities now have a comic con each year and it has become a place where the people from all over the country come to be a part of this big, happy Comic Con India family.

  1. When is it held?

Comic-Con India will be held on the following dates in the said cities:

  Hyderabad—14th and 15th October

  Mumbai—11th and 12th November

  Bangalore—2nd and 3rd December

  New Delhi—15th and 17th December

Are you excited yet?

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