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We all grew up in a time when comics were our go-to entertainment. Be it a long day at school or just a rainy day, we all loved indulging into the stories of our favourite characters. From Amar Chitra Katha to Chacha Chaudhary to the very young Tinkle, all of these comic books brought delight to our busy lives. But today, everything has changed. With laptops, TVs and phones becoming a major part of our lifestyle, we tend to not read enough. This has also been passed on to our kids who spend most of their day staying in and playing video games or watching programs that are not too useful on TV. But Tibu Comics is here to change that! Here is how the change will come:

  1. Digital Tibu Comics

Most kids do not like holding a book and reading, which is why they end up never taking the effort to read. This is also one of the reasons that they like watching TV or prefer playing video games much more than reading, it requires no effort. This is where Tibu Comics steps into picture. Tibu Comics is only available online on Instagram @tibucomics. This way, the kids of today will want to indulge into comics , all thanks to digitalization!

  1. Colourful and fun

Tibu Comics has an eight year old girl named Tibu as the main character. And since the character is only a little girl, the comics have been made with so many colours that the kids will enjoy looking at the comics strips as well as find it fun to read! Tibu, being very imaginative and relatable, everyone will enjoy this journey with Tibu!

If you are looking to re-live your own childhood or want your kids to read while they can also be in constant touch with tech, Tibu Comics is the way to go! How to get access to it, you ask? Simply by following Tibu Comics on Instagram now!

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