Engaging stories, amazing characters and surely something to learn! Comics in India have always been famous for the way they captured not only the minds of the children but also of the adults. The Indian comics have been a major part of a lot of people’s childhood and we all relate to a time where we waited on the first Sunday of each month to get our copies of the latest editions! Not only did they come as comic books, we have also been reading a lot of comic strips in our daily newspapers. Comics started in the year 1947, before which they were an alien concept to us as we were busy fighting for freedom. But it still was not until 1964 that India saw its own desi comic. Here’s how the history of comics in India began:

  1. Comics going Indian

Like we mentioned in a previously posted blog, Indrajal was the first comic book imprint of India. The first comic from Indrajal was the Phantom’s Belt which was released in the year 1964. The storyline seemed to have captured the Indian audience which led to its adaptation in Hindi. It had Phantom renamed as Vetaal and Bengali, where he was yet again renamed as Oronyo Deb. The next comic that came into the picture was the evergreen, Amar Chitra Katha. Late Mr Anant Pai started the Amar Chitra Katha with the intention of spreading awareness about the mythology of India. And to draw the attention of the youngsters towards the culture of the country. This was back in the year 1967.

  1. Non-violence is the key!

This phase was simultaneously going on in the northern parts of India. While the American comics were extremely popular there, a lot of cartoonists like Late Mr Pran Kumar Sharma had begun writing really different kinds of stories that led to show the major message of non-violence. Pran Kumar Sharma’s Chacha Chaudhary Comics showed how an old man fought crime with his wit and humour. This was a revolution in itself as Chacha Chaudhary became a non-conventional hero among all the present heroes.

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