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As we all know through our personal experiences alone, comics formed a great deal of our childhood. And eventually, if you keep reading our blogs, you will know a lot about how these comics still have a great impact on our lives. In Tuesday’s article, you saw how different phases of comics took place in our country. Since India is a land of diversity and languages, these comics were often published in regional languages. Also the names of the characters were modified to ensure that the common man can relate to it better. Fun fact: Did you know that in some comics they had coloured the blood in the story white instead of red? Yes! This is a fact. This was done to create a lesser impact of the blood and murders in stories that involved detectives and crimes. Let’s continue reading about the history of comics in India:

  1. No Violence

The main reason that heroes who were very relatable to the common man, who mainly involved no violence whatsoever, came into picture to break stereotypes. This is what Pran, the creator of Chacha Chaudhary Comics had to say about his choice of a hero; “I had seen western comics and I wanted to change the perception of muscular, good-looking superheroes like Phantom, Superman, and Batman. So I thought, ‘What if I break the stereotype?’ I thought of an old man, short, bald and a little frail, but I based him on Chanakya and gave him the power of wit. This is how Chacha Chaudhary was conceived.”

  1. Dealing with problems:

By the 1980’s comics in India had changed and transformed to be able to show better stories. Following the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the comics such as Raj Comics created characters like Nagraj to show that good can still win over evil. Sanjay Gupta, the co-creator of Raj Comics said in an interview once, “We wanted to create a superhero who had his base in Indian mythology and there was nothing better than introducing a superhero who had the powers of a naag.”

The comics then evolved with Tinkle and many other such publishers; who created fun characters for the kids to read and relate to. If you are looking to relive your childhood through comics, you must follow one of the best female characters, Tibu on @tibucomics on Instagram now!

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