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We have all wondered about how comics came into picture in different parts of the world. Comics in India have seen a lot of characters and stories. But where did it all begin from? It was in the year of March 1964, when Bennet, Coleman and Co. started the series called Indrajal Comics. Bennet, Coleman and Co. is also known to be the publisher of the world famous newspaper, The Times of India. Comics in India began with Indrajal and thus, all of us comic enthusiasts should know a little about Indrajal Comics, right? Here are some details that will get you closer to this evergreen comic series:

  1. History

Published for the first time in March of 1964, Indrajal captured the readers with its great storylines and plots. For the first 32 issues of the comic, the comic contained ‘The Phantom’ stories by Lee Falk. The stories were edited to fit their 16 page quota for the first 10 issues which then reduced to 12 pages. Soon the comic started printing other stories such as King Features characters. Including Lee Falk’s Mandrake, Alex Raymond’s Flash GordonRip Kirby and Phil Corrigan, Roy Crane’s Buz Sawyer, Allen Saunders’ Mike Nomad, Kerry Drake, and Steve Dowling’s Garth. Later it also published Bahadur, an Indian comic hero created by Aabid Surti.

  1. Unique thing

Indrajal Comics had one unique thing throughout their publication years. The stories published in the comics were either about the conventional heroes who had sci-fi tools and special powers, or about the crime investigators or detectives. All these stories showed how good won over the evil and that is why the comics were able to get a huge reader based throughout the country. The comic started publishing in regional languages like Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati and Tamil in the year 1966. This ensured that more and more people read the comics.

Even with such great stories and characters, Indrajal Comics lacked the presence of female characters. This lack of female characters in the Indian comics is now being filled by an eight-year-old girl, Tibu. Follow @tibucomics on Instagram to know more about her!

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