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Who is Tibu?

Hi! I am Tibu,  8-year-old girl. What I enjoy the most is watching people around me closely, observing their lives and sharing my life with you all through my web comics.

I live with my parents, who, by the way, love drinking tea. Fun fact – I don’t like drinking milk! I have a pet dog, Gabbar. Deboo, my friend, loves to brighten my day. My parents, Gabbar, Deboo, Mili and other friends – all of them contribute to make my world a happy place.

Maa calls me a ‘little girl’, something I don’t really like. I am smart and like to make comments about everything in the world. I love twisting my parents’ words to suit me and am the most intelligent among my friends (trust me!). The world is not an easy place but I try to make my parents, friends, and reader friends laugh with my antics and perception of life.

I hate Maths (psst, I’m terrible at it too). Maybe it is because I don’t practice it enough (or so my dad says). My worst nightmare is not being prepared for a surprise Math test. But, I love art. You’ll find me drawing and playing with my crayons all the time. I love festivals as they are bright and colorful. Most of all, I love to sleep.

Now that you know me a little more, the stories in my books and strips will make more sense. So, if you’re a fan of funny comics or cartoon comics, read, indulge, and write to me on Instagram. I’ll be waiting!

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