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Welcome to the world of Tibu comics !

…where you can forget your adulthood and step into those good old days. Tibu comics, which launched on 17th Feb 2018 as an Instagram page. In a short span of less than 3 months she has captured the hearts of many reaching 15,000+ followers (5th may, ’18) and still growing at a great pace. Tibu, with her imagination, creativity and impulsive nature will take you to a wonderful adventure, with a hint of innocence which will keep tickling you throughout. Despite of spending most of her time drawing and sleeping, Tibu still manages to make her life and exciting.

Who wouldn’t like to see the world through the eyes of an 8 year old?

Along with Tibu, meet her friends, Deboo and Mili, her dog Gabbar, her family and her neighbours.
Go explore what a sleep lover does to get several naps throughout the day. How she tackles different situations in a fun, yet creative way, know how she keeps day dreaming all the time. The 8 year old will somehow give you a complete different picture of the world around you.
Considering her love for colors, she will for sure make your life colorful. Study with her during her school, play with her in the park, go out for a walk with her, once you start following her, Tibu will become an inevitable part of your life. You will have a tiny little best friend.

What’s more in Tibu Comics?

You can join Tibu in her fun filled world and also be an integral part where you too can create her world. Want to know more? Then hop on and click here.

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