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Hi, friends! My name is Tibu, and I recently completed my first year on Instagram. I am a regular eight-year-old girl with loving parents, my pet dog – Gabbar, and my best friend – Deboo. Introduced to the world of Instagram as an Indian cartoon character, I love to observe the people around me. That said, I am grateful to my friends on the other side for their love and support on my page.

This one year has been eventful and I have experienced so many fantastic things. I have gained more than 47k followers on Instagram. Thank you for making me one of the most popular Indian web comics on social media. Most of my stories centre around me, my family and my friends, which make them quite relatable to my readers. My readers know how much I love art and hate mathematics. They have grown a year older with me and my world. I believe that ‘sharing is caring’. Which is why we have let Tibu Comics be a part of free Indian comics. Since they are free comics, anyone can share them with their loved ones.

And, oh! How can I forget to tell you about Comic-con? At Comic-con Mumbai, I made so many friends with English comics and Indian comics online. I was so happy to connect with so many cartoon comics online. I’ve followed them on their social media pages as well!

In short, I’ve had lots of fun with other characters from comics online. Continue supporting me with your love on my Instagram page. Lots of love to you!

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