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We all love the different kinds of characters and stories that comics bring to our lives. With their colourful pages and amazing storylines, a lot of comics have shaped up our childhood into the fun phase it was in our lives. But have you ever wondered who created your favourite comics? Well, let’s bring out the curious kid in you and talk about the creator of the legendary Chacha Chaudhary Comics. Chacha Chaudhary Comics were one of the most popular comics among the children as well as adults in India and even today, people think about the stories and characters. Let’s get to know the man behind Chacha Chaudhary Comics, Late Mr Pran Kumar Sharma.

  1. History:

Born on 15th August in the year 1938, Pran Kumar Sharma saw about ten years of the British Raj in India. He was better known as Pran. He was born in Qasur, which was originally a part of India and today a part of Pakistan. Upon partition, he and his family moved to India. Pran was a student of BA and completed his MA in Political Science in Delhi. He decided to make his passion for art his profession and thus, he joined the Fine Arts course at the Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. He then started his career with the Delhi-based newspaper called Milap as a comic artist for Daabu.

  1. Fame, story and characters:

In the year 1969, he sketched Chacha Chaudhary for the magazine Lotpot, which gave his career a major kick start. Along with Chacha Chaudhary, he also sketched numerous other characters such as Shrimatiji, Pinki, Billoo, Channi Chachi and many more. He transformed the idea of comics and made them so interesting that even the adults couldn’t let go of comics at all. His ideas and creativity was a revolution in itself in the world of comics in India.

  1. Forever lasting memories:

Just as how unfortunate endings are, the death of Pran also was unfortunate as well as saddening to most of us who grew up reading his comics. He was awarded the Padma Shri award in the year 2015 for his tremendous work in the field of comics.

Throughout history, Pran’s name shall be written in gold for all of his work. Even though comics in India have seen a lot of great stories, they lack in one aspect—female characters. This is where Tibu comes in as the knight in the shining armour with her sarcastic self! To know more about Tibu and her story, follow @tibucomics on Instagram now!

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