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Superheroes have always been cool. It doesn’t matter if it is the 1950s or 2019 – Superheroes. Are. Cool. The idea of unimaginable powers vested in a single person, fighting evil and saving the world is just too good to pass up, no matter what age we’re in. However, nowadays the most popular superheroes come from two popular superhero universes – Marvel and DC. The Avengers and the Justice League are among the most loved superheroes today. But there is another superhero universe right here in our country – The Raj Comics Universe.

Raj Comics was established in 1986, when India was not exposed to a lot of western comics. At the time when the only hero India had was Chacha Chaudhary, Raj Comics opened shop and introduced readers to an entirely new genre of comics – Superhero. The first superhero they launched was named ‘Super Commando Dhruva’, a young boy who possessed extraordinary intellect, bravery and detective skills. He didn’t have any extraordinary superpowers, but made up for it with his extensive arsenal of gadgets and his sharp mind. He adhered to an Indian lifestyle and was considered an ideal young man by many Indian parents, hence catering to a large demographic. Moreover, the language these comics were printed in Hindi, hence a lot of people who couldn’t read English were able to enjoy the comics. The humongous success of Super Commando Dhruva motivated the makers to come out with more superheroes, expanding the universe.

Next, they came out with Nagraj in the late 1980s, a man with snake venom in his veins. He was part-medieval fantasy, part modern vigilante heroism. Nagraj is ageless; hence he’s lived through decades. He masquerades as Mr. Nagraj Shah, CEO of Snake Eyes Securities. Nagraj was a major hit with the audience as well, though there was an underlying demand for a character for more mature audiences, a character that would not necessarily be so self-righteous and principled all the time, one who would do whatever was necessary to stop evil. Raj Comics obliged, and Doga was born, a ruthless killer who had just one aim, one principle – stop evil by any means necessary.

Ever since then, the Raj Comics Universe has seen a plethora of new superheroes, super villains, mind blowing locations, and even parallel universes! If you’re not familiar with them, check it out right now!

Also check out the female lead comic character Tibu on Instagram.

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