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Cartoons have a huge impact in our lives. Be it the ones in motion or the ones based on current issues, cartoons have this different kind of ability that has an effect on us, something that even words cannot have. We all love reading our daily favourites in the newspaper. But have you ever given a thought to who creates them and how? We are here to give your thoughts a level up to curiosity. In this article, we talk about one of the many legends, Mr. K. Shankar Pillai. A great cartoonist on his own whose love for kids drew him to the world of cartoons. Pillai has a lot to teach you with his story. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Early Life:

Born on 31st July 1902, Shankar is considered the father of political cartooning in India. The famous cartoon characters like Abu Abraham, Ranga and Kutty were founded in Shakar’s Weekly, which came out in the year 1948. One of his first cartoons is known to be the sleeping posture of one of his teachers that he drew in the classroom. Even though he got into trouble for that at school, his uncle always had his back and supported him throughout. He studied painting at Ravi Varma School of Painting at Mavelikara, now known as Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts.

  1. Career:

Shankar’s cartoons were recognised by Pothan Joseph, the then editor of the Hindustan Times who brought him to Delhi in the year 1932 as a staff cartoonist. His cartoons in the early years of his careers were all about the political scenarios in India. His cartoons were so great that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru released Shankar’s Weekly, edited by Shankar himself. He decided to start Shankar’s International Children’s Competition in 1949, and as a part of it, the Shankar’s On-the-Spot Painting Competition for Children in 1952. He also founded the Children’s Book Trust in Nehru House on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in New Delhi in 1957. Later in 1965, the International Dolls Museum too came to be located here.

Kesava Shankar Pillai was truly a legend who captured the minds of the people with his art. He lives within his art and our hearts forever!

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