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The Indian Comic book industry has been dotted with many known writers/illustrators, publishing houses and characters. A major question that every Indian comic book reader has had, is that why is there no legitimate Indian superhero. Raj Comics answered the question in 1986, with ‘Super Commando Dhruva’. They subsequently came out with more smash hit superheroes like ‘Nagraj’ and ‘Doga’. Here are a few facts you might not know about Raj Comics:

  • Raj Comics was founded by three brothers – Rajkumar Gupta, Manoj Gupta, and Sanjay Gupta.
  • Raj Comics probably introduced the first Indian vigilante superhero, named ‘Super Commando Dhruva’, created by Anupam Sinha. He did not have any special superpowers, but he is extremely intelligent, possesses detective skills, the ability to talk to animals etc.
  • The Company specializes in three genres – Medieval fantasy, horror and mystery, and almost all of their comics revolve around this theme.
  • Raj Comics has published close to 35,000 comics till date.
  • The three most popular Raj Comics characters are ‘Super Commando Dhruva’, ‘Nagraj’, and the antihero ‘Doga’.
  • Raj Comics has their own Superhero Universe, and they also have a superhero team like the avengers, in case of a worldwide threat. They are called the ‘Brahmand Rakshak’ (Protectors of the Universe).
  • Raj Comics also started another line of comics through Raja Pocket Books, called ‘King Comics’. It wasn’t as successful as the original one and went defunct in about 5 years after its launch.
  • Anurag Kashyap had announced that he was making a film based on ‘Doga’; however, the project was later shelved. Kunal Kapoor was rumored to be playing the character of Doga in the film.
  • Another film that did release was ‘Aadamkhor’, which was based on Raj Comics’ ‘Aadamkhor Hatyara’. It came out in 2018.
  • Raj Comics launched their Android app in 2017, through which they published a lot of their comics online for free.

So these were a few facts about Raj Comics and their history. Hope you had a good time! Follow @tibucomics

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