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What gets us hooked on to a song, a movie, a character, a book or a comic? This phenomenon is called being ‘relatable’. When we see a certain character’s traits or the problems that they go through are similar to our situations, we immediately feel a connection. While it is difficult to relate to superheroes, the Indian comic readers found a superhero just like them in R.K. Laxman’s ‘The Common Man.’ Dressed in a simple dhoti, he was created to represent the common people of the country. The Common Man witnessed the problems faced in the country and give hope to the people that the things will get better and since the world thrives on hope, the common people have come a long way since. Here is why you must revisit the Common Man series:

  1. History of India:

If you are somebody who has always been interested in knowing the country better but never get around to reading those history books, this comic is just the thing for you. The Common Man plays a major role in witnessing the problems of the country, mainly the ones faced by the middle-income group or as they call it, the ‘mango’ people.

  1. Unity in diversity:

R.K. Laxman is best known for bringing diversity to the Common Man series. He tried his best to incorporate different regions and cultures of India, which is what makes the cartoons widely loved and accepted. This way, not only did he promote diverse cultures, but he also made sure that everyone was informed about these different cultures, giving them a great exposure to the world.

  1. Silence is silver:

The most interesting thing about the Common Man is that the character acts as a silent watcher…….or witness to everything that is going on. This becomes even more relevant when you match the timeline of the history of India to the series as in those times, the Common Man was not too engaged or rather, did not have so much say in the affairs of the nation.

R.K. Laxman created a character that will be forever loved and cherished by every ‘mango’ person and he shall live within the comic always. Indian comics are now evolving to incorporate diversity in characters as well. One such new character is a girl of the tender age of eight, Tibu. To be a part of Tibu’s story, follow her on Instagram @tibucomics now!

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