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We all grew up reading Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle. Both of these comics have something in common apart from the fact that they both had the most amazing stories to tell and that is Uncle Pai. Late Mr. Anant Pai was the man who created these comics with wonderful people as a part of his team. He worked hard to bring these characters from Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle to life. Well, Uncle Pai has given much more than just these comics to Tibu’s creator, Mr. Nikhil Salvi who in this article, will tell you all about our favourite Uncle Pai:

  1. On his first interaction with the Legend:

I reminisce about the first time I ever interacted with Uncle Pai. I was about to call at the Tinkle office to get an appointment of Uncle Pai for an interview. Like anybody else, I had expected that a receptionist would answer the phone and then schedule the interview months later. But to my surprise, the receptionist immediately transferred the call to Uncle Pai after knowing why I was calling. I felt comfort in talking to Uncle Pai directly and got an appointment quickly. I was excited and a bit nervous as I was meeting an icon whom I’ve followed throughout my life. It was one of my greatest achievements just meeting and talking with him.

  1. On what impact he had on his life:

Throughout our life, we have one or more idols that we follow religiously as though they are the one and only Almighty in the world. I believe that Uncle Pai, the person to give me my first big break along with Mr. Chandrakant Rane, the then art director of Tinkle, played a key role in inspiring and encouraging me throughout my work at Tinkle. He was a manual on how to run an ideal comic in India. In the little time that I got to know him, he inspired me to start my own comics.

  1. On what Uncle Pai would say about Tibu if he were here:

The demise of our favourite Uncle Pai was disheartening for a lot of children and adults throughout India. His life was so full of love for kids that he decided to give little pieces of his life in the form of comics and comic characters to these kids. I really would love to just know that he read my comic strips and knew about Tibu if he were alive today. His death caused a loss in my life like no other. If he were still here with us, it would make a lot of difference in my life. Oh, I wish that would have happened. He must have surely given some powerful tips and guidance to take Tibu further, levels above.”

Uncle Pai and his legends and fables shall live forever in our hearts as the fondest memories of our childhood.

{NOTE: While working for Tinkle, Nikhil Salvi had a lot of powerful yet simple interactions with Uncle Pai who indirectly influenced him into being the creator of our favourite female comic character, Tibu. He made a lot of friends there like Savio Mascarenhas, Archana Amberkar, Prachi Killekar to name a few.}

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