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Comics, like we all know, have been a major aspect in shaping us as kids in our times. They have taken us through a world of fantasies to teach us important lessons such as sharing, the culture of our country, victory of good over evil etc. This was a huge deal in making us good children, and substantially, good humans that we are today. But with time, we have seen that a lot of our favourite comics have disappeared because of less and less readability over the years. Some comics have also stopped prints because of the noble cause of saving the resources we have. In such times, our kids lack the fun and learning that we received through comics. Here is why it is important to get your kids to read comics:

  1. Fun:

Comics have always been a source of recreation for us. Remember how many times we came home from school only in the excitement of reading our favourite comics’ new editions? A lot of comics in India such as Indrajal comics, Chacha Chaudhary comics, etc. had a very beautiful set of colours, themes and storylines. They always taught us some or the other lesson in a very fun way. And which is why they are known to be some of the best Indian comics.

  1. Engaging into something essential:

We have all seen that kids today are either playing video games or watching something or the other on TV. This is one of the reasons for less readability of comics today. The kids do not have enough patience to read through the entire comic book. They prefer watching the cartoons or series that have been adapted from comic books or books, for that matter. Having them engaged in reading comics can help them in being patient and reading each and every story and understanding it better. A lot of children who are creative will also love being engaged in comics for the colours and cartoons that they see; which will encourage them to pursue careers in art!

Now that everything has gone digital, it has become easier to access amazing comics online! One such digitalized comic, famous for having a female character, is Tibu Comics! To know more, follow @tibucomics on Instagram and be a part of the family!

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