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Have you ever thought about wanting to quit this adulting that you are doing and just become a child again? Well, as good as the offer sounds, you will need to be the prime person to make a machine for that, right? Of course, our childhood was full of stress free days and no worries. But to relive those blissful moments seems impossible. Would you believe me if I told you that you can actually go back in time even while you still sit on this desk and work away? I know that you won’t. But there is a way out: Tibu.

Part of our own childhood

Well, just like no stress was a part of our childhood, so were comics. Indian comics have seen a lot of different stories and plots and characters. But there was something missing always: female characters. Representation of female characters in comics of India was always less and sometimes there was none. But Tibu is here to change that for us. Tibu is just eight years old and she is living her life to the fullest. She loves drawing and daydreaming about different things. Reminds you of somebody, right? That’s us as children.

Tibu knows just how to free the child within us from the cage of adulthood. From her love for art, to her hatred for Math, Tibu becomes just so relatable to all of us that we sometimes forget that adulthood has hit us. Just like us, Tibu has a lot of issues such as not having enough lectures of art and having to deal with Math and of course, not getting enough sleep!

Tibu deals with all of these issues by being sarcastic and with the help of her friends like Mili, Deboo and her dog Gabbar. She takes all of us on an adventure of a lifetime, childhood. To read more about Tibu and her chronicles, follow her on Instagram @tibucomics and become a part of this beautiful journey to childhood!

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