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In the world of comics and childhood, has stepped in Princess Tibu who not only is relatable but is also one of us at some point in our lives. Tibu, an eight-year-old girl, is a complete package of fun and joy that no other character has ever portrayed. Her character description is sure to include two things, art and sleeping, which are both of her favorite things. As the classroom studies Math, she eagerly awaits the Art period! Here is why you must follow Tibu comics on Instagram (@tibucomics) now:

  1. Totally relatable

Just like Tibu, we have all sat in our classrooms at least once in our lives, looking out of the window and thinking about how we should be having fun in the art lecture instead of the dreadful Math period. We all love sleeping and would do it anywhere and anytime, just like how Tibu falls asleep in the bathroom!

  1. Giggles

Our little Tibu and her friends sure know how to crack the strictest of people up in just one instant! Tibu is just the perfect mixture of sassy and sarcastic. She knows just how to make people laugh using the power of sarcasm, which is, of course, the strongest power in the universe.

  1. Food buddy

Tibu is your next food buddy when you are eating fries or burgers. You will often find Tibu laughing around you, wanting to take a bite out of your fries and burger. She loves eating junk food and can never have enough of it! She does not really love eating but she enjoys the deliciousness of junk food.

  1. Tibu is you

Tibu is the child within you that is now hidden in the back of your mind while you deal with the problems and obstacles of today. She brings about a whole new flavor in the world of comic books. And lets you relive your childhood in the moments that you read her story.

Anymore why Tibu?

Now you don’t need any more reason why Tibu should be your favorite character. Come, relive your childhood and unleash the child within you by flying high with Tibu on her journey to the stars!

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