This point has often been addressed in our earlier blogs as to why Tibu is like a breath of fresh air in the Indian comic book industry, but I would like to touch upon a few points. As earlier mentioned, first of all, Tibu is probably the first Indian comic book lead character that is a female.

Moreover, the major point I wanted to cover was RELATABILITY. Although she is an 8 year old, her behavior and actions are loved by the entire audience, most of which come from the bracket of 10-20 year olds. She is perpetually sleepy, likes to draw and eat, and always searches for an easy way out of situations. She might look like an everyday ordinary kid to you, but she has one secret superpower that she keeps hidden, and only brings it out when she is angry – SARCASM. Her sarcastic comments, dramatic gestures and over-the-top dialogue at times, make people smile but more importantly, relate to her. There is always that one person in your life that you want to brush off, or be sarcastic towards. Don’t worry – Tibu will do it for you.

The best part is Tibu is not self-aware about this superpower of hers. She simply states what she sees around her, and what her creative mind makes of things. She carries on with her life, which is not very happening but consists of humor in small everyday occurrences. There is no mention of any kind of political or communal event, hence there are no sides to be taken. In essence, what I mean to say is that her being the first Indian female comic book lead might have attracted attention, but it is her easygoing nature and sarcastic attitude that wins hearts.

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